Wind turbine indicator


The Wind turbine indicator calculates the amount of generated power in MW for the entire project area.

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The Wind turbine indicator calculates the amount of wind turbines in the project area and the amount of generated power in MW. The amount is calculated by comparing the current situation and the planned situation. By setting a target value it is possible to experiment with scenarios for renewable energy in the project area. For example, the target for the generated power in the project area is 10 MW. This target then needs to be reached by planning both large and normal wind turbines in the project area. The target value and the amount of power per type of wind turbine is adjustable, which makes this indicator scalable for different types of projects.

This indicator is for example useful for projects in where:

  • (one of the) goals is to work on reaching a certain renewable energy target
  • different spatial plans are compared in the 3D world
  • the project area should become climate adaptive

For more information about the calculation method and how to configure your project, please read the manual.

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