Heat reduction indicator


The Heat Reduction indicator is an indicator that computes the effect of urban green on heat reduction.

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The Heat Reduction indicator computes the effect of urban green on heat reduction. The presence of green reduces heat stress in the surrounding area and therefore cools down the environment. The more urban green space is present in an area, the stronger the heat reduction in that area will be. This indicator is useful for projects where for example:

  • reducing heat stress is an important goal in the project
  • livability is measured in the project

This indicator is a simplified version of a RIVM calculation model and was created for a pilot with the RIVM.  The indicators in this pilot are co-created with the RIVM, according to their (calculation) methods. They however are not validated as being indicators which calculate according to ‘RIVM standards’ or something along those lines, since they were only for the pilot.

For more information about this pilot and the demo project, see this blog (in Dutch)

For more information about the indicator’s calculation method and how to configure your project, please read the manual.

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